THE LATEST: The band's debut full-length album made with Grammy Award-winning producer Tom Biller (Silversun Pickups, Elliott Smith, Fiona Apple, Jon Brion, Sea Wolf, Karen O, Warpaint) will be released 06.24.14 on Randm Records, home to the cult status Lost Ark Studio. They made the album after successfully completing a DIY crowdfunding campaign that impressed the indie music world at large and attracted flattering press (including an interview on NPR, Digital Music News, Tunecore, Hypebot) based on the innovative approach they took in bypassing Kickstarter and the other main crowdfunding platforms.

"The modern rock genre is in serious need of some fresh new faces. Enter A House For Lions." --L.A. Times

"L.A.'s A House for Lions showed off a robust rock sound at Rusty's on Wednesday, adding garage ferocity to the softer, '90s-influenced alt-rock of debut EP 'I Want Us to Be Remembered'. --Billboard.com

“They’re only just starting out but already they’re purring like a sleek machine with a human heart...seeing a band this good this early is a thing of wonder and ought to be celebrated.” - Gary Lightbody (Snow Patrol) - Q Magazine

“A House For Lions is exactly the kind of music I like...a band after my own heart...giving the L.A. Music scene a good name.” –-Dave Holmes (MTV, VH1, FX)

“Purveyors of gorgeous anthemic rock” –-Kevin Bronson, BuzzBands.LA

        Daniel Norman, singer/songwriter of A House for Lions, was a music lover who never intended to become a musician. But while hitchhiking through Germany, a melody and a few words popped into his head and never left: “we'll write a book worth reading!” - the first line of what would become the first song Daniel ever wrote and A House for Lions' statement of purpose, “Let Back”. In that moment, he realized it might be possible to get off of the fence and create a project of his own; at least, it would be fun to try. Daniel had played guitar since he was a kid, but had no experience playing in a band. So he'd have to get better, (“we'll pass the test, no cheating!”) but he'd also need to seek out kindred spirits to flesh-out the sound of his bare bones experiments.

In early 2010 he found just that in an unlikely group of strangers. Adding guitarist and designer Mike Nissen, bass player Eric McCann and drummer Joe Luisi, A House for Lions has developed a sound that according to The Deli Magazine “manages to blend the sleeker side of angsty 90s rock with the laid-back instrumentation and heart-string pulling melodies you might expect from an alt-country band”.

Within six months, the band had recorded their first EP I Want Us To Be Remembered, with LA producer Raymond Richards (Local Natives) and were off and running. From there the band garnered rave reviews from the LA Times and Billboard.com, made impressive debuts at CMJ and SXSW and established themselves as one of Los Angeles' most promising young bands.

A House For Lions recently completed work on their debut full-length album with Grammy Award-winning producer Tom Biller (Silversun Pickups, Elliot Smith, Fiona Apple) after completing an innovative DIY crowdfunding campaign to fund the making of the album. By successfully bypassing the traditional crowdfunding platforms (Kickstarter, et al) and building their campaign from scratch, they've impressed the indie music world at large and attracted flattering press including an interview on NPR, articles from Digital Music News, Hypebot and many others.

Not content to rest on any laurels, these brothers-in-arms remain dedicated to creating and sustaining a distinct vision in an uncertain musical landscape. “To all the new beginnings/to all the screws unspinning!”


Booking: ahouseforlions@gmail.com

Licensing Inquiries: Hunnypot Unlimited: janderson@hunnypotunlimited.com

Label: Randm Records: info@randmrecords.com

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PAST SUPPORT INCLUDES: Tired Pony, Everest, Belle Brigade, Nico Vega, Beach Fossils, Heartless Bastards, Milo Greene, Rooney, Fruit Bats, Youngblood Hawke, Hey Rosetta, JJAMZ, Superhumanoids, Saint Motel, Wooden Birds, Gold Leaves, Filligar, Andy Clockwise, Nite Jewel, The Jealous Sound, The Steelwells

Recent Facts:

Nashville on ABC uses new music from debut album Hills So High

GLEE star Dianna Agron joins AHFL on stage for a couple of songs at The Echoplex

Billboard names as 1 of 8 best things seen at SXSW

Featured in FILTER Magazine Discover The Undiscovered

L.A. Times named as one of seven bands to watch CMJ 2011

Official South By Southwest Artist 2012

Kevin Bronson/Buzz Bands LA named as band to watch 2012

Q Magazine - Q50 Gary Lightbody’s Track Of The Month

Recent radio play in Los Angeles on 98.7FM and 88.5 KCSN

Blue Microphones Endorsement (Blue MOB Featured Artist)

College Radio play over 125 stations nation-wide, Top 30 at 16 stations

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Nashville on ABC features new music from A House For Lions!

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