A House For Lions Full Length Album


UPDATE 1 :: 08/22/12

We're live! Keep an eye on this space for updates on progress and hilarious outtakes from our kid interviews.

UPDATE 2 :: 08/30/12

first extras vid is up with the amazing Allie! We kinda sound like Katy Perry sometimes right??

UPDATE 3 :: 09/13/12

VID OUTTAKE!! The amazing and hilarious Charlotte schools us in math and we school her in indie folk rock. CHECK IT!

UPDATE 4 :: 09/14/12

behind the scenes look into the campaign!


UPDATE 5 :: 09/19/12

so close!!! here's the final kid vid outtake. Tyler cracked us up, was hard to keep a straight face! So great. Even with his criticisms he was down for the cause. And you should be too! Now is the time! Only a few more days, be a part of our album...now!

UPDATE 6 :: 09/20/12

HOLY FREAKIN MOLY. We just hit 100%, cue the confetti!! You made this happen people! We still have 3 more days and 10% of post-goal funds will go to the charity MusiCares! Plus any additional will help with making that much more epic of an album. It could mean paying for a string section or extra days in the studio! Humbled and grateful, your lions xoxo forever

UPDATE 7 :: 11/15/12

So excited to announce that we will begin recording our debut album with the amazing Tom Biller (Silversun Pickups, Jon Brion, Fiona Apple, Sea Wolf, Karen O, Warpaint) in December, let’s do this!

UPDATE 8 :: 11/16/13

Fine friends and lion-lovers --

We've gotten a couple questions about progress on the record so I thought I'd check-in and give you a quick update. As you all know, last september we started the beginning of a long journey. We reached out to our fans and friends to help us bring our first album into the world. We were overwhelmed by the response -- our innovative approach to crowd-funding succeeded not only in bringing all of us together to make this dream a reality but got the attention of many media outlets, which helped to raise the bands profile generally. Sweet! And so we headed in to the studio in early december to begin the recording the album and finished mixing and mastering all the tracks in june. Next, we began the process of sussing out the best possible way to bring the album into the world. That has meant touring to extend the bands reach and talking with various record labels in an effort to find the best home for our baby. We're holding our cards close to the vest for the time being but we'll be bringing you some very exciting news about the release of the album in the new year! As the release approaches you will receive all the goodies promised to you in our campaign. So fret not my friends, the lions have not forgotten about you! We aim to make you proud to have been a part of introducing a bold new voice to the world. Here's hoping the holidays treat you well -- we'll see you in the new year!


Daniel and the lions

Pledged of 12,000.00 Goal
Ended on
: 1.00


lets make it facebook official - send us a pic and we’ll post it on the backers section of our facebook, letting the whole world wide web know how much the lions love you!

: 15.00
SIGNED POSTER are your walls lacking a certain feline flair? you’ll get everything above and a limited edition backers-only poster signed by your lions to place proudly on your wall.
: 25.00
PHYSICAL COPY enjoy your music the old fashioned way! on top of everything above, you’ll get a hard copy of our new record in the format of your choice (CD or vinyl).
: 35.00
TOTEBAG/STICKERS what would a pledge drive be without a tote bag? leave those plastic bags at the grocery store and go green with your lions. you get a customized 100% Recycled Cotton totebag filled with all the goodies above. and some stickers cause why not.
: 50.00
T-SHIRT imagine. a house for lions. all. over. your. body. at this level, you get everything above and you can take your pick of one of our super sexy t-shirts.
: 75.00
NAME IN THE LINER NOTES alright we’re getting real here, so on top of everything else, you’ll have an associate producer credit in the liner notes of our first long-playing record. forever etched in our hearts and a part of AHFL history.
: 90.00
THE WHOLE SHEBANG trust us, there are few things more satisfying than walking up to the door guy and saying non-chalantly, “i’m on the list.” at this level you get everything listed above plus you and a friend can come rock out at a lions show as our very special guests.
: 100.00
INPUT ON FINAL TRACK LIST, LYRICS SHEET you’re fully invested now, so we’re putting you to work! at this level, you get to hear everything we’ve recorded for the album and help us decide on what the final tracklist will be. plus all that stuff from items 1-7 and handwritten lyrics to all the songs on the record.
: 125.00
SHOW POSTER COLLECTION 6 SHOW POSTERS SIGNED OR UNSIGNED if we ever have a fan club, we’re nominating you for president. to prove your bona fides just show everyone your collection of signed limited edition AHFL show posters and dare them to say you’re not a true fan. (plus all that stuff from 1-7!)
: 150.00
LESSONS/SURFING here’s your chance to study at the feet of the talented individuals in a house for lions. mike or eric will give you a lesson in their respective instruments. daniel will show you how to play your favorite AHFL tunes on the guitar in person (if your in LA) or via skype. joe will take you surfing (LA only). or we can just hang, have a drink and shoot the proverbial shit. it’s your world. (and everything 1-7!)
: 200.00
PLAY TAMBOURINE/SHAKER ON STAGE WITH US AT SHOW we love you so much right now we kinda want you to join the band. so for one glorious song (take your pick) hop on the stage, grab a tambourne and shake it with your lions! gonna need more cowbell! (plus all that 1-7 swag!)
: 250.00
IPOD SHUFFLE the mixtape might be dead but the iPod shuffle lives on. we’ll load one of those puppies up all our music plus special playlists by each of the band members and show you what gets our musical blood pumping. (and, you guessed it, 1-7 stuff)
: 300.00
RECORD A SONG fellow musicians, this one’s for you. come over to our drummer joe’s super rad home studio and record one of your songs and let some of those good lion vibes rub off on ya! (do you want all that stuff 1-7, too? cause your gettin’ it!)
: 350.00
GET SKYPED INTO THE STUDIO WITH US! take a peek behind the veil! we’ll give you a skype tour of the studio and give you a personal update on the progress we’re making on the album! (and all them goodies 1-7!)
: 425.00
SONG WRITTEN BY DANIEL you like us. a lot. so let us do for you what we do best and give you something no one else has. our esteemed songwriter Daniel will write and record a song just for you, about anything you want. (and everything from 1-7!)
: 500.00
GUESTLIST FOR LIFE you my friend are a true beliver. so ya know what, we’re gonna give you two guestlist spots to all of our shows, forever (always when we’re headling, subject to availabilty when we’re supporting). that’s right, when we play 3 sold out nights at madison square garden, you’re going, for free! (oh and all that stuff from 1-7!)
: 750.00
ONLINE CONCERT Skype concert yo! A virtual AHFL concert just for you. Put your feet up on your couch or dance around your living room, and rock out to your lions in the comfort of your own home. (plus 1-7 lions swag!)
: 1,000.00
HOUSE CONCERT you know what, lets quit playing, we’re homies now. so why don’t we go come over to your place, grill some burgers, drink some beers and these lions will play a private show for you and your friends. (don’t forget to display all your 1-7 lions swag!)
: 2,500.00
VACATION IN PALM SPRINGS INCLUDING A PERSONAL PERFORMANCE holy crap, you are an angel! lets you and us get away for awhile. yeah, lets go to Palm Springs! we’ll put you up in a private Bed & Breakfast for 3 day and 2 nights and play a very special intimate show in the desert just for you! (plus all that good stuff from 1-7) (Guests will stay in Poolside Casita Room: http://casademontevista.com)
: 5,000.00
WHATEVER YOU WANT alright now you’re just showing off - but we ain’t mad at ya! pick a few of the rewards above, they’re yours. hell, you can have my first born child! and the deepest most sincere Thank You four grateful young men can muster.
Step 1: Specify your contribution amount for A House For Lions Debut Album

Hey, we’re A House For Lions and we need your help to record our first full length album!


Check the updates section above for hilarious outtakes and extended cuts from the video!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Goal reached! Thank you all for your support and for sticking with us through it all!! **We’re leaving this site up for those who find it for archival purposes only, funding is closed for this project**

A House For Lions

Hey, we’re A House For Lions, and we’re heading to the studio to record our first full length album. Over the past couple of years we’ve released an EP, played shows all over our hometown Los Angeles and around the country and made tons of great friends and fans of our music. Now it’s time to take it to the next level  – we’ve been working hard writing new songs, honing them live and coming up with a master plan for making our first album one to remember! To do it right, we need your help!

How you can help

We’ve got the vision, we’ve got the tunes,  we’ve got a great producer and an incredible studio setting. What we don’t got is a lot of money! As a completely independent band, we are truly grateful for all of the fans and friends who’ve supported us throughout our journey.  We can’t do this without you! Make sure the music you love keeps getting made! Click that big green Support This Project button on the right to contribute. Together we’ll make an album we can all be proud of!


Where your contributions are going

The funds will go to:

• Studio time and related expenses
• Producer’s fees

All transactions are secure and handled by PayPal.
All major credit cards accepted, paypal account not required.
Contact us if you would like to send a check/money order and/or want to give an amount not specified on the right.

Using the latest crowdfunding technology to take grassroots fundraising to an entirely new, indie-minded level.

Keeping in the trailblazing spirit of all things indie, we are choosing to bypass websites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo in favor of a new platform developed by IgnitionDeck. A House For Lions is one of the first groups to launch a project using this WordPress plugin, which allows the user to have a hands-on role in every aspect of its crowdfunding campaign without giving up a cut of the funds raised or having to meet a goal to keep the dollars collected.


Your lions are not ones to take the money and run! We’ve come up with all sorts of awesome stuff to give you to say thanks for being a part of our first album!Every backer who donates, no matter what the dollar amount, gets his or her name on our OFFICIAL BACKERS PAGE on our Facebook. We’re building this thing brick by brick! It’s your way of stamping your name on this album and our way of showing appreciation for your generous support. Also, we’ll be sending out backer-only updates throughout the recording process including videos and photos from the studio (you can opt out of these if you wish).

All items designed by AHFL’s own Mike Nissen!

11×17 POSTERS:

Beautiful Matte Finish on Thick 11×17 Cardstock



Super soft heather charcoal shirt emblazoned with “house” logo graphic in soft vintage ink.

T-shirt Option 1   



♥CHARITY♥ – MusiCares

We’re pledging to give 10% of any money that we make post funding to MusiCares. MusiCares provides a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need. MusiCares’ services and resources cover a wide range of financial, medical and personal emergencies, and each case is treated with integrity and confidentiality. MusiCares also focuses the resources and attention of the music industry on human service issues that directly impact the health and welfare of the music community.


“With the band’s catchy, emotive sound — equal parts dusty alt-country and lovelorn late ’90s alt-rock — we’re surprised debut EP track ‘Let Back’ isn’t as big a hit as ‘Pumped Up Kicks’.” —L.A. Times

“L.A.’s A House for Lions showed off a robust rock sound at Rusty’s on Wednesday, adding garage ferocity to the softer, ’90s-influenced alt-rock of debut EP ‘I Want Us to Be Remembered’. The group just finished a new batch of demos, including electric scorcher ‘XOX’.” —Billboard.com

“They’re only just starting out but already they’re purring like a sleek machine with a human heart…seeing a band this good this early is a thing of wonder and ought to be celebrated.” – Gary Lightbody (Snow Patrol) – Q Magazine

“Purveyors of gorgeous anthemic rock” –-Kevin Bronson, BuzzBands.LA


Ordinary Life – Live @ TOMS semi-acoustic session

Nightfalls – Live at The Echo in Los Angeles, CA 11.22.11

Come On Let’s Go – Dickies Sounds Session at Filter Magazine

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**Orders will be fulfilled when the album is released, estimated Spring/Summer 2013**